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Section A: Business Overview
1) Provide an electronic link to the 10-K that you are reviewing. 2) After reading the entire annual report on form 10K, define your company and its business. Clearly define the background of the company, its lines of business or segments, locations of operations, number of employees and any other information a potential investor may be interested in. Approach this as if you were writing a book report. You want your reader to have a good understanding of the background of your company, how they are organized, how they “make money” and you want your reader to WANT to know more. Although the 10-K will describe this information for you, do not “cut and paste” straight from the 10-K into your report. Use your own words to summarize their operations.
Amazon runs on four principles: “customer obsession rather than competitor focus, passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence, and long-term thinking” (
It was originally incorporated in Delaware on 1994 and then became reincorporated due to a change in location on 1996 to Delaware. When incorporating the tiny state of Delaware is a good choice due to no charge on any sales tax and have business-friendly statutes and laws . Amazon’s principal corporate offices are located in Seattle

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