Examples Of Chaos And Complexity Theory

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D. What are chaos and complexity theories? how might they help us do better sociology, or at least help us have more realistic understanding of what is possible in sociology? Chaos theory can be seen in the butterfly effect, where a small little butterfly in the States that flaps its wings and changes the weather somewhere far away like China. The butterfly effect shows that small changes can have massive impacts in the world. For most people it is hard for them to think that a butterfly has so much influence, there are many other examples. Chaos can be seen in this example, where someone forgets their car keys and runs back to get them, which results in them not hitting the deer on the road (Gleick 1987). Complexity theory states that structures are complex but that there is some form of general rules. Complexity theory is a part of chaos theory which is shown in the quote, “chaos theory and its spin-off, complexity theory, argue that relationships in complex systems, like organizations, are nonlinear, made of interconnections and branching choices that produce unintended consequences and render the universe unpredictable,” (Tetenbaum 1998:1). Chaos and complexity theory can influence sociologist to go back and study system that were previously untouched. An example of chaos and complexity theory is the economy. The economy is very complex with many moving parts and actors. The economy is filled with people selling and buying goods at fast rates. These moving parts are
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