Examples Of Etiquette In Hiking

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Hiking Etiquette 101: A Guide for Canary Island Mountaineers

Whenever you’re hiking, you’re always honor-bound to follow the rules and observances of the hobby, whether they’re on a bulletin board or unwritten. These come into play if you’re hiking on the numerous trails across the Canary islands. So, if you’re planning to take a nature trip in the Masca Valley or the rocky outcrops of Roque Nublo, here are some notable etiquette rules for both veteran and newbie hikers.

Priority: Horses > Hikers > Bikers

There is always a sort of hierarchy on the trail: horses always go first, followed by hikers, and then bikers. Considering that horses have the tendency to be spooked by incoming traffic by the opposite direction or a biker that is suddenly overtaking them, it’s wise to let them go first, unless if the rider is signaling otherwise. …show more content…

If you’re riding a bike or a horse, shout out “on your left” or “hi, just passing by” to give them fair warning. Moreover, always keep right when on the trail and stay there when faster hikers are passing by.

Clean Up

Littering is absolutely the worst thing anyone can ever do during a hike. Leave no waste on the trail: keep a paper bag or a pocket on your backpack for empty water bottles, paper towels, and food wrappers. Throw them away in proper disposal facilities once you get back to civilisation. This also applies if you’re bring a dog along with you. Be sure to bring a waste bag and a pair of tongs to pick it up. Remember, no one wants to see or smell your canine companion’s excrement on the trail!

Enjoy the Silence

One of the best things about hiking is the “noise of nature”. The trail is full of the sound of singing birds, gushing streams, and the music the wind plays when it rustles the leaves. It’s relaxing and the feeling they provide is something you would want to

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