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December 19, 2017

Fun Facts About Red Pandas

Beautiful red and brown faded fur. A miraculous why of living that will stunt your mind. Lots of people know about the typical Panda but do you know about its ancestor the Red Panda? It comes from the ancient Giant Red Pandas that had different DNA than the current Red Panda. The Red Panda is a interesting beautiful animal that you should definitely learn more about.

1. They have have pointed ears like an elf.
The Red Panda has some stunning looks. Parts of its body are quite large and long, and some are short and skinny. It has a very large head, along with a tiny snout. They are red with hints of brown, there face is almost completely white with streaks of brown and red. They only grow to weigh 10-20 pounds. Also a amazing fact is there tail can grow up go 12-20 inches! There tiny size and shape makes it easier not to be hunted.

2. Wow, their DNA has What?
Red Pandas used to live in the United Kingdom. A few million years ago, there was group of Giant Red Pandas that most likely went extinct because of Racoons. In 1888 a fossil molar and jaw of a big animal called the Red Panda (not current Red Panda) was found. Even more fossils were discovered in Spain.

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They do occasionally wake up in the day though. They use their sharp claws to make there way up trees to stay out of danger. They are very lone animals, they do not enjoy other Red Pandas company most of the time. Something that the males do is put their scent on their territory. They use their scent gland in their tail! Like skunks, they put a very strong and unpleasant odor out when they are scared or startled. Unlike other animals this is a way that warns predators without putting them in danger, because it is just a smell. If the animal still continues to come closer than that the Red Panda would get its sharp claws ready and injure the animal very
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