Gender Identity In The United States

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10. Gender identity is how a person defines their gender based on how much they align with the gender options in their culture. An example of gender identity in the US is how much someone identifies with “man” or “woman”. Gender expression is the presentation of gender; actions, dress, demeanor and is interpreted based off of gender norms. An example of gender expression is dressing more masculine or feminine.
11. Cisgender has the privilege of using public restrooms without fear of verbal harassment physical assault, or arrest. Since one cannot physically tell that they are Cisgender, they do not have to deal with being laughed or stared at. Additionally, they are not denied opportunities based off of their gender identity or expression. Cisgender is treated as an illness by medical personnel so this has many benefits.
12. Alfred Kinsey discovered that people’s sexuality does not fit solely into heterosexual and homosexual categories. Based off of his research, he found that orientation is on a spectrum. Sexual thoughts, behaviors and feelings towards the same or opposite sex can vary significantly. This meant that essentially there is no “normal” when it comes to defining a person’s sexual orientation.
13. Gender roles are tied to inequality because each gender is expected to withhold a societal expectation. For example, men are expected to bring home to money and be breadwinners, whereas, the women are expected to stay home and do household chores. However, this is far

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