Examples Of Hero In The Giver

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Anyone or anything can be a hero. A hero is someone who puts someone before themselves in a time of need even if no reward is to be given. Heroes often times don’t mean to be so. Most heroes do the right thing at the right time and receive the title. You don’t plan for someone’s life to be risked but you don’t hesitate to help them. A hero is anyone who can do what’s right when it’s right for the good of others and these qualities can be found in Jonas, Oscar Schindler, and Doc Hendley. Jonas, from the utopian world created by Lois Lowry in his book “The Giver,” is a hero. He lives in a futuristic world drained of color, feelings beyond contemptment, and memories of any kind. Jonas was given the job to bear the memories, giving him the knowledge of pain and pleasure. He simply couldn't keep it to himself. He brought it upon himself to share every experience he gained. The only way to do this though was by sneaking off to Elsewhere under the cover of night, a place in which if he went he could “never return” (Lowry 155). He “knew it would be a difficult journey” and was aware that “it was a violation of a major rule for any citizen not on official business to leave a dwelling at night”(Lowry 158) but he put himself in harm's way to free his community from their naive state of being. If caught Jonas would faces a severe punishment. By dictionary definition, a hero is “a person noted for …show more content…

Heros are just ordinary people who are extraordinarily selfless, honorable, and strong. They are people we walk by everyday who strive to improve the quality of other people’s lives. A hero is not motivated by dollars but by hope. Hope that they can make their mark on the world and can carry others to a place better than where they reside. True heros, from superman to your own personal hero, all have one power, the power to touch hearts and

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