Examples Of Human Care Trends In Healthcare

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Trends in Human Resources in Healthcare There are many current trends in human resources (HR) in the healthcare industry. Many of these trends have significantly changed over the decades, and many have not changed at all, and are waiting for the initiative from managers and/or the workforce population. This paper will focus on managing and properly executing diversity trends in the healthcare field and workplace. According to Borkowski (2011) “diversity management is a challenge to all organizations” (p.27). Skill building and policy development that address the ever-changing demographics of patients and the workforce are key to diversity development and management. Diversity management and trends are relatively new to the healthcare…show more content…
A multitude of concerns were uncovered such as lack of advancement, mentoring, coaching, networking, success planning, a positive culture regarding diversity, job training, employee empowerment, cultural bias, resistance toward diversity, uncompetitive salary, and existing work and family balance problems. After realizing these set-backs, the CEO must reconfigure the workplace around diversity, and to do so, a plan to the Board of Directors has been created and will be implemented to meet the goals of a minority and women-friendly employer, and to eventually have the two categories represent 50% of top management. Presentation on Progressive Management and Diversification to Board of Directors MHHS has had a working and successful diversity program for the past ten years; however, after recent and careful findings, we have found that our diversity program is not producing results with diversity recruitment, selection, and retention of diversified employees. We have witnessed a significant decline in upper management by our minority and women employees. A large study was conducted that included interviews of past and present employees that gave many answers as to why our diversity program is not, and has not been fully functional. As an organization we need to change this drastically before we lose more diversified employees, which in turn hurts and hinders our patients and their anticipated recovery time. We must meet
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