Examples Of Imagery In Bliss

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Imagery is a tool used by authors in order to make objects, ideas or actions appeal the reader’s physical senses.Peter Carey uses this tool often in his descriptions and while doing this, he also uses other tools like metaphor, simile, personification etc.In this essay, a few of examples of imagery in second part of “ Bliss” will be discussed.
Below is the first example for imagery:
“Look at him: sneaking up the stairs you might have thought he was impersonating a cat in a pantomime, or even without a costume, a lizard. ”(Carey 48)
With these lines Peter Carey compares Harry Joy with a cat in a pantomime or a lizard.The author makes this comparison in order to make a clear explanation of the character’s movements. However, since there is no help of the words “like” or “as…as”, the …show more content…

Here is an example for the author’s use of personification:
“ Lucy sat on the verandah rail in a white cheesecloth dress and looked at the bangalow palms, which, in the absence of any wind, mysteriously rustled their fish-bone fronds, as if talking to each other.”(Carey 98)
Talking is an action that is only special to humans However, in this case the ability to talk is transferred to bangalow palms, which in reality, cannot talk.In addition to this example of personification, below is a similar one,in which a house is personified by adding the feature of having a heart:
“Lucy was up early to sell the Tribune and up late at meet-ings, some official, some secret, in which she plotted to reform a Communist Party branch. But, like David and Bettina, she could not pass through the dead dusty heart of the house without feeling a certain sadness, a cold shivering melancholy similar to that which might be produced by an old orange tree growing next to a wrecked chimney.”(Carey 55)
In conclusion, one can distinguish many uses of imagery and literary tool- such as a metaphor or simile- in the second part of

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