Examples Of Memory In Gurdjieff

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Further, he warns that it is a long and arduous struggle. There is no short-cut as regards efforts or as regards shortening of time. One has to go through the grind, through the disciple, through the ‘work’. Self-remembering of Gurdjieff
As already mentioned, Self-remembering of Gurdjieff is what we have been talking about in the thesis as Awareness. According to him, ‘Self-remembering’ (or self-observation), is an artificial division of attention within oneself. A part of consciousness is weaned back, which is nothing but adopting the witnessing aspect. One part of our consciousness is engaged in the activity, physical or mental, while another part is watching this part thus functioning. Whenever our consciousness identifies itself …show more content…

Gurdjieff brings about beautifully the distinction between Knowledge and Being. While we are developing on the knowledge front, we are acutely lagging behind on the Being front. Progress along the line of ‘being’ entailed our struggling with our weaknesses – the chief weakness being the weakness of ‘waking – sleep’.
Man’s development should move equally parallel along the lines of knowledge and Being. Unfortunately, it is knowledge which is overemphasized at the cost of being (his essence; all that a man stood for). Man’s knowledge depended upon his being. Man’s being is different from that of the stone, plant and animal. But even among human beings, there are great distances between ‘beings’ of human beings, one from the other.

Knowledge and Understanding:
Gurdjieff differentiated between knowledge and understanding in that knowledge was fragmentary, while understanding was unifying. Understanding was the outcome of a certain relationship between knowledge and being. Understanding happens when one realizes the relationship between knowledge and being. That is to say with understanding man gravitates towards his Being. Understanding thus is

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