Examples Of Multiculturalism

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Wherever and whenever there are various cultures or ethnic groups living together in the same piece of land, an intercultural situation takes place. The ultimate stage of evolution of this circumstance is best known as Multiculturalism, and involves cultures or ethnic groups living together. In the beginning, the relationships that some cultures held were very different from what, nowadays, we understand as Multiculturalism. Going over its antecedents, some of the most well-known cases date back to Greeks and Romans. These powerful empires were made up of a mixture of cultures with their distinctive features. This implies that the members of the same culture interact among them, but they avoid any deep interaction with members
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That is to say, it could be of benefit to humankind, or it could lead it to its own destruction. Of course, the reaction of low culture groups was to refuse high culture mastery and to protect their land, natural resources (flora, fauna), history, traditions, etc. In other words, minorities such as aborigines, indigenous communities, and emigrants, adhered to their cultures. On the other hand, high culture societies have understood that their material markers and values are not universal, and so, it is pointless to impose them to their counterparts leading to multicultural societies (Claval, n. d.).
Multiculturalism is based on the notion that each culture has the right to exist and coexist with others. Obviously, this would be impossible if there were no equality, responsibility, justice and democracy within the countries involved (Claval, n. d.). Thus, Multiculturalism is mainly observed in the most mature societies in which poets such as Duke Redbird (Canada), Camille T. Dungy (United States of America) and Hone Tuwhare (New Zealand), by means of their poetry proudly show us their beloved land, heritage, culture, roots, experience, and
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