Examples Of Narcissistic Father

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You can actually do quite a lot. Always remember that this is the only life your child knows, so you will need to teach her how things are supposed to be, so that she knows right from the start that it is a choice not to become like her father. The most important thing you can do is to let her know that her father has a problem which makes him do and say things he should not. And when he has upset her, tell her what a good father is supposed to do, but that he cannot do this. A child can understand this at a very young age. She must know that she is loveable and that her parents are supposed to make her feel safe, otherwise her father’s attitude will make her believe that she is deserving of his abusive behaviour. As she grows older, you can …show more content…

Make her realise that you see everything she does, that you are proud of her, and again, go into detail. You need to counter the narcissistic father’s subtle and persistent abuse which will mostly be aimed at making her feel like she is not good enough and that she is not important to him. Show her many examples of loving fathers. Let her stay with friends or grandparents where she will see how safe other children feel around their father. She needs to see that if they make mistakes, the father will help them, and if they were naughty, the father may be strict, but it would not ruin their whole day - there is still love. Without examples it’s very hard for a child to imagine what this parent is supposed to be …show more content…

Children of narcissists often suffer more than they should because other adults and even other family members simply don’t believe them over their NPD parent. Especially during their teens, children are often told to respect their parents, and that they should do more effort to get along with a (narcissistic) parent. It is extremely frustrating for a child who is already suffering such abuse to hear that their poor relationship “has two sides”, and that “surely you must know that your father loves you and want what’s best for you”. Most people don’t have a clue, and your child needs to know this

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