What Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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A narcissistic personality disorder is basically a person who feels that they have self-importance. The person thinks that they should have control and power above anything. The person is unable to mentally realize how much damage they are doing to others and themselves.
To be specific on a certain type of people who has a NPD are narcissistic parents. Narcissistic parents fall into two type of categories which damage their children. There is engulfing parents which mean the parents are overly protective of their child and will ignore their child’s age where there are no boundaries between themselves and the child. This causes the child to be pushed away from the parent or parents into not feeling trusted. For example the parent will go through emails or text messages. Ignoring parents ignore their child and doesn’t care or share interest in their child which makes the child grow up to feel unwanted or cared for.
The diagnosis is based on the many symptoms of having a Narcissistic personality disorder such as feeling self-importance which is one of the main symptoms. The person normally has difficulty maintain an unhealthy relationship. They will take advantage of anyone just to get their own needs. Rage takes place if the person feels criticized. They will have no sympathy for anyone’s feelings but their selves. They are very good at making others feel guilty like with narcissistic parents they tend to say “I gave my life up for you and this is how you treat me” to their

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