Examples Of Objectification Of Women

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In this chapter, the researchers intend to move closer in understanding objectification of women using the Objectification Theory and Erotic Capital Theory. Through these theories and the methods to be used, the researchers aim to describe how women are presented in the videos of R-Breezy, analyze how women are portrayed in the R-Breezy’s Facebook page in the contexts of objectification and sexualization, determine why the women featured in the videos of R-Breezy allow such objectification and sexualization, and analyze the implications of women’s objectification on the perpetuation of women as sex objects.

THEORETICAL Objectification Theory
The Objectification Theory proposed by Fredrickson and Roberts (1997) suggests that women are treated as objects for other people’s satisfaction. The theory affirms that sexual
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Several sources of sexual objectification exist in the society, like the different forms of media we see all around—how women are often portrayed as sexual objects (e.g television shows, magazines, advertisements, etc.) (Szymanski, 2011).
In terms of women’s interpersonal experiences, studies have stated that sexual objectification of women is a usual happening for a great number of women, specifically in the United States of America (Szymanski, 2011). Another example of sexual objectification is the actual sexual victimization (Fredrickson & Roberts, 1997). Studies have indicated that 1 of 4 women are or were victims of attempted rape or rape itself (Fisher, Cullen, & Turner, 2000; Whiter, Donal, & Bondurant, 2001).
Originally, objectification theory discusses the possible mental risks or consequences that are to take effect once sexual objectification occurs. The original framework of the theory shows that sexual objectification can affect or contribute to the mental health of women negatively and the self-surveillance or self-objectification of
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