Examples Of Objection In The Form Of A Question

Better Essays Objection in the Form of a Question The combination of a question with disagreement is effective especially with respect to action-restriction because both them called an answer (Locher, 2004). Furthermore, disagreement in the form of question is considered as less directly. Locher quoted Leech’s (1983) opinion that indirectness is more polite than the direct utterances. The function of this strategy is to ask for a referential clarification of the previous statement, which contains disagreement. For example given in Conversation Example 4 bellow. Conversation Example: George : I believe this company will get many profit in around 5 months. Steven : It can be? In this short conversation we could understand that Steven is showing his disagreement by giving question to George. The Use of “but” The position of but in a statement influences the function of its use (Locher, 2004). When but occurred at the beginning of a speaker’s new turn and was used to attempt to get the floor as well as to oppose a previous speaker’s contribution. However, when “ but “ occurred within the turn of the same speaker, it was used to indicate disagreement with a previous speaker’s utterance. The example is in Conversation Example 5 bellow. Conversation Example 5 Tom : ^fine [^thank you very much] Steven …show more content…

Here the researcher found the research by Choyimah.. (2014). In her research she investigated disagreeing Strategies in University Classroom Discussion among Indonesian EFL Learners. The participants of this study are students who join seminar on linguistic course in the school of Cultural Studies UB, in the odd semester of 2010-2011. The writer found two strategies used by students in disagreeing, they are direct and indirect. Students having higher levels of English proficiency tended to use indirect strategies, but those at lower levels used direct ways in

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