Examples Of Pathos In Fast Food Nation

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Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation, used ethos, pathos, and logos to get his readers on his side of the argument. Schlosser understood how to use rhetoric when writing this book, he knew how to appeal to our emotions, how to maintain his credibility, and he had clear motives throughout. He made it pretty clear that he didn’t like fast food, using words like “mundane” or “unexceptional,” those words are almost never used in good context (3). Schlosser used many facts and statistics to amplify our disgust for the fast food industry, many of which we can look up with a few taps on a computer’s keyboard. Schlosser used ethos during the very beginning of the book, he established his credibility by attaching his profession with his name, he is a correspondent to The Atlantic Monthly. Schlosser’s biographical section also mention that he has won several awards for his writing, such as the National Magazine Award. Throughout this book, Schlosser made it clear that he did not like the fast food industry and all that came with it. Researching this book, he ate a lot of fast food (9). He does not think that the government is doing enough to regulate these practices, this can be seen during much of “Part II: Meat and Potatoes” (111). Schlosser had the opportunity to visit a meat factory with an unnamed tour guide (169). He was able to describe in detail what he saw and wore. His painting of the factory made me sick to my stomach, but this just helps me understand how

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