Examples Of Pre-Conventional Morality

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Level 1 (Pre-Conventional Morality) Pre-Conventional, the focus is self and the age is up to 10 to 13 years old. It is the behavior motivated by expectation of pleasure or pain. It is the approach to right and wrong taken by the children. Doesn’t have a personal code of morality, instead the moral code is shaped by the standards of adults. Moral code is also shaped by the consequences of following or even breaking the rules. The focus is individual consequences in determining right and wrong.
1. Obedience and Punishment Orientation
• It focuses on the child or individual’s desire to obey the rules for them to avoid being punished. It also focuses on one’s direct consequences of their actions. One makes decision based on what is best for themselves …show more content…

Level 3 (Post-Conventional Morality) This level is based on the principles that are chosen by an individual or what we call self-chosen. Moral reasoning in this level is based on the rights and justice of individuals. Individuals now believed that there are some laws that is unfair and those must be changed. It is recognized by a growing realization that individuals have their own perspective and are separate from the society. Individuals may also disobey the rules that are inconsistent with their principles. People in this stage live by their own principles like human rights. They live by their own idea of what is right and wrong.
5. Social Contract Orientation
• Individuals are viewed as having different opinions, rights, and values. One’s opinions or perspectives must be respected. Rules are not accepted blindly by an individual. The person in this stage believes that the rules are made to protect the people, so when it is no longer protecting the people the rules should be broken or changed.

• General Example:
In our country now, it is fine to just kill people who are using drugs. For some, this kind of act must not continue because there are innocent people who are being

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