Examples Of Purpose For A Agency

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I serve as the Program Analyst for the agency providing expert technical assistance on matters pertaining to the planning, managing, coordinating and oversight of business and financial activities for the agency. I advise senior managers/staff, and personnel of field extension on policies and procedures, payroll and travel claims, administration and records management, resource and space allocations, budget, hand receipts and other administrative support functions. I initiate, plan, develop, analyze, evaluate and implement short-range and long-range strategies and initiatives aligned with the agency’s mission, vision, objectives, and goals. I develop and manage programs planning, policy, procedural guidance, administrative operations and …show more content…

I have the knowledge, experience and capability to interpret general policies and applying them to specific program objectives to meet cost, schedule and performance. I am knowledgeable and experienced with governmental accounting, the Department of Defense Financial Management Regulations and OSD/OGC/DOHA process, procedures and financial systems to formulate educated recommendations for consideration by the Director and DOHA’s senior leadership. I manage the agency’s resource commitments and obligations against the approved budget allocations and make adjustments as necessary or when required. I am responsible for leading and conducting to identify the effective utilization of human resources. Furthermore, I am responsible for developing and recommending solutions to human resources issues, to include recruitment, workforce development, and special programs. I serve as the agency’s focal point person for Freedom of Information Act and Congressional, drug notification program, the Fourth Estate Personnel Accountability and Assessment Program, the reviewing official for the Mass Transportation Program, nominative assignment process, performance appraisals, performance based awards, and recognition programs. In addition, I am responsible for the replacement and maintenance of the agency’s GSA Fleet vehicles, serve as the agency’s training coordinator and qualified to provide

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