Examples Of Racism In The Passing Of Grandison

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The famous author Chesnutt presents “The Passing of Grandison” to demonstrate that racism destroys the intelligence of southern white men. He does this to express his conception of the negativity revolved around racism. Chesnutt’s novella “The Sheriffs Children” relates to “The Passing of Grandison” by presenting a southern white man having a mixed child and the lack of education for most racist southern white men. Chesnutt presents racism in “The Sheriffs Children” by exhibiting the quickness of the town to lynch the black man for supposedly murdering a respected white citizen. Chesnutt also presents racism in “The Passing of Grandison” by demonstrating the master's degrading acts towards Grandison by surmising his caliber of education as nonexistent. He utilizes these two examples to emphasize racism clouding the southern white men’s intelligence. Chesnutt also presents sex between slave owners and slaves in both short stories as degrading because of the white slave owners view of slaves as property. Chesnutt demonstrates the shamefulness of raping a slave to reveal primitive forcefulness of sex and lack of respect the southern white men had for African Americans. Chesnutt reveals the hatred it would take for a father to sell his own child. Chesnutt presents these events to reveal a southern white slave owners action as negative because the injustice the African Americans went through. Chesnutt presents all images and examples of racism to reveal the face of adversity for
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