Examples Of Religious Themes In The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

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In the modern era, most films are secular. They are not intended to present a religious interpretation of life and we do not expect it from the film industry. However, religion is a large part of the lives of most people, so it is realistic to notice that religious references and ideas will be present in some films. William Telford’s religion and film model [1] makes it easier to depict if those underlying religious themes are present. The movie most associated with religious themes produced by Disney would have to be the “Hunchback of Notre Dame”. As stated by Porter in the course notes [1], this film is a great fit for Telfords model. Claude Frollo, is a deeply religious man who believes he is doing right by his religion by taking in the seemingly unholy Quasimodo, after being judged by the Archdeacon. He feels as though he is acting in a righteous manner when he adopts Quasimodo as well as when he plans to commit genocide against all of the gypsies. As the plot develops unlike Quasimodo, Frollo's belief in the church disappears, and this can be seen in his determination to kill Esmeralda, believing if she is the source of his lust and refuses to be with him romantically, she must die in a ‘Hellfire’. The decisions of the main characters focused on right and wrong and good and evil throughout the whole film, and how one will be judged solely by god, which is a perfect parallel to this film and the very common Christian theme. Another film that fits well with Telfords

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