Examples Of Roman Achievements

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The Roman Achievements ;
As great civilization the Romans had , they most have been successful and productive people in many fields of life . Indeed , the Romans achieved many achievements and put their own creative imprint on various fields such as; military , architecture and engineering , arts and literature .In the field of military , the Roman military is one of the most powerful military in the history that managed to conquer large parts of the world in relatively short period .This achievement is due to the great support of romans to their military before anything else where most ancient weapons where actually developed or invented by romans such as ballistae or onager which is a heavy war engine for hurling large rocks to take down walls and forts . In the field of architecture and engineering , the Romans are well known for their creative engineering achievements such as: the Roman highways that constituted extended road networks that play major role in travel, trade, and maintaining control over the Empire’s vast regions and facilitating the rapid deployment of armies when needed. Also, the aqueducts that consisted of waterways, tunnels and pipelines that bring water from distant mountains and rivers into cities and towns to provide water to the cities’ fountains, public baths , houses of wealthy and to power watermills and other machines. Moreover, Roman contributed a lot to building technology by inventing the Concrete which allowed the construction of impacted bridges and buildings with architectural designs such as castles and cathedrals. Romans also invented the watermill that were widely used in Europe and were the first to use advanced technology in mining operations. In the field of literature, the Romans genirally were the …show more content…


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