Examples Of Situation Analysis On Bullying

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Situation Analysis
The Situation Analysis
Bullying is a word that is expected to be heard. The word "Bullying" is a common word that we hear often. This can be heard most often in schools. It could ruin a person's life. Bullying is considered a worldwide problem that can consist both short and long-term effects on its victims of bullying and the bullies themselves.
Both the student and the school consider bullying as one of the major problems that should be dealt with. It randomly chooses people and it happens in every department. This will greatly affect the performance of the student not only toward education but also in other aspects. This leads to a poor grade in academics, loss of self-esteem, bad social life, depression, and could lead …show more content…

Dominance Theory. A Motivation for Bullying Behavior-are closely aligned, SDT focuses on group-based social hierarchies whereas dominance theory centers on individual-based social hierarchies. The fundamental tenant of SDT argues that all societies consist of group-based social hierarchies that are based on gender (e.g. males have more power than …show more content…

School culture is a broader concept than school climate(Schoen & Teddlie,) and refers to ‘‘[A school’s]unwritten rules and traditions, norms, and expectations…that seems to permeate everything.

Social cognitive theory (SCT) -is an important heuristic for understanding the complexity of bullying behaviors and the social nature of involvement in bullying.

The behaviorist theory- states that everything we do is a behavior. Pleasant experiences are positive re-enforcers while unpleasant experiences are negative re-enforcers. A lack of reinforcement can also shape behavior. The best way to treat psychological disorders according to the behaviorist theory is by altering the behavior or modifying the environment. Altering the bullies behaviors would help get rid of bullying behavior in schools. The other way to help with bullying would be to change the environment in schools.

Underlying process and specific theories Foundation [and related variables]
Defiance theory (Sherman) Bullying as compensation for structural symbolic violence perceived in social and school system, by constructing an identity that challenges

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