Examples Of Symbolism And Characters In Ex Machina

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Artificial intelligence is an upcoming phenomenon that many people are now just catching on to, and this increase in popularity can be credited to Alex Garland’s 2014 film, Ex Machina. The film revolves around Caleb Smith, a programmer, being invited to CEO Nathan Bateman’s isolated compound to be a part of an experiment involving Nathan’s newest artificial intelligent person, Ava. Throughout the story, we see symbolism, characterization, and religious references. Symbolism and characterization can have many different meanings to many different people around the world. Symbolism can be unbiasedly defined as, the use of something that stands for or suggests something else by reason of relationship, association, convention, or accidental …show more content…

The name Nathan in Hebrew means “to give” and this can be seen as “to give life to”, or “the giver of life” which would be a good way to characterize Nathan because he is creating new life in the form of artificial intelligent people. Nathan is asked by Caleb in the film “Why did you make Ava?” and Nathan’s response was “Why wouldn’t you if you could?”. This is important to the film because it shows Nathan’s power as an inventor to create whatever he wants, and creating Ava was a means to show off his ability. This can be related to the Bible in which we may ask “Why did God create us?”. But the difference is that God did not create us to show off his abilities, he created us to love and do his work on earth. Nathan created Ava simply because he could do so, not out of love or motivation to create a better world. Nathan starts to view himself as a higher power as the film goes along and he says to Caleb, “You know, I wrote down that other line you came up with. The one about how if I've invented a machine with consciousness, I'm not a man, I'm a God”. As the film goes along Nathan starts to consider himself a God, without Caleb or Ava thinking of him like that, and in ancient scripture and throughout history when someone viewed themselves as a God it foreshadowed a bad ending for them. The audience starts to see Nathan change as the experiment continues on and start to treat Caleb as his pet or less of a

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