Examples Of Unreliable Narrator

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1.1 Unreliable Narrator/ Skeptical Readers
Wayne C.Booth is the first introducer of the term ‘unreliable narrator’ back in 1962. In his perspective, a narrator is “reliable when he speaks for or acts in accordance with the norms of the work, unreliable when he does not” (1983: 158–59). In a nutshell, an unreliable narrator gives the readers either incomplete or inaccurate information. In the literary context, authors use this type of technique to add a twist to the plot or the ending of the story for it creates mystery.

To start off, this technique is one of the mainstream characteristics of this book. Right from the first page, the reader is subtly warned of the fact that the narrator is an unreliable person and can’t be trusted. So, the …show more content…

Repetition is done for rhythm in poetry or generally in tongue twisters. Nonetheless, in literature, it is used to put special emphasis or attention on a character, characteristic or a subject. When studied in detail, I, personality, argue that Barnes uses repetition in this book to underline one of the key steps that could be taken to avoid forgetting or misremembering the past- as this is the dominant theme of the book. Here are couples of sentences and words that have been repeated:

“That’s philosophically self-evident”
“Bu felsefi olarak aşikar”
Tony and his close friends use this term rather frequently in many cases during their school years. It’s something that they say instead of ‘normal’ (55). The last time it was used is during the discussion of Adrian’s suicide. Serdar Rifat Kırkoğlu, the translator, preferred translating this phrase word for word which I argue is the right choice because the book includes many sarcastic commentaries about philosophical issues. So it is important to convey those implications.

“You don’t get it, do you? You never did and you never will”.
“Anlamıyorsun işte, öyle değil mi? Hiçbir zaman anlamadın ve asla

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