Examples Of Whitewashing In Movies

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We all have visited the cinema once or twice in our lives to see just released movies with family or friends. Some rather watch romantic movies, others action or horror. There are so many different movies out there, each appealing to different people, but there’s one thing most movies seem to have in common: the main cast consists mainly out of white actors. There are barely any movies with a diverse main cast. Even when the character in the movie is a non-white person, there is a white person playing that role.
In many Hollywood movies characters are being whitewashed. Whitewashing is when in movies, white actors are cast for characters of colour, such as Black, Asian, Latino, etc. This can also happen in other forms of media such as books, fan art or games.

Some examples of movies in which whitewashing happens are:
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Instead of using a Japanese actor for the Japanese character Goku, they casted Justin Chatwin, a Canadian actor.
Prince of Persia (2010): A movie set in Middle-Eastern countries (what once was Persia) with characters who are of Middle-Eastern descent. Yet somehow Hollywood thought it was ok to once again cast white actors for the main roles.
The Last Airbender (2010): This is also an adaption of the TV-show Avatar: The Last Airbender, in which the main characters are Asian and the cultures the show was based off are also from Asian countries. Nevertheless, Hollywood failed us again by using all white actors for the good guys.
Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961): In this movie Mickey Rooni plays a Japanese character named Mr. Yunoshi. They tried to make him look more Asian by using lots of makeup and a prosthetic mouthpiece, this is actually yellow face.
Finally, Gods of Egypt (2016): This whole movie is about Egyptian mythology, yet instead of casting actual actors of African descent, they casted white actors with horrible

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