Exceptionalism Research Paper

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The United States of America is not a perfect Nation, but it is a Grand Nation one of Exceptionalism. What is Exceptionalism, it is being uncommon, unusual, rare, unprecedented, unexpected, remarkable, special, excellent, phenomenal, extraordinary. What is it that makes us an Exceptional Nation, it is the fact that those how came before us were able to do what had not been done before. It is our privilege to live as a free people under a set of principles that guide us. As people of this Great Nation, we will continue to live by the principles chosen by we the people it is our voice, the voice of the people, the principles we adopt as well as the leader we elect that we will be governed by. Thus, giving us a government of the people, by the people and for the people, in doing this, this people will continue to be a people of exceptionalism. …show more content…

We are a people of givers, a people of doers, a people of learners, a people of believers. We have prospered in this Great Nation like the world has never seen, the people in this nation will continue to extend our hands, and our hearts out to others at home, as well abroad. We want to elevate those in need, in ways we ourselves have been elevated by those who came before us. We will lift others in whatever way we can, in whatever way they are willing to be

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