Executive Introduction Of Business Organizations

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Executive Introduction Business organizations are constantly seeking ways to enhance their performances in order to compete actively and aggressively in the market. Profit-seeking organizations have long recognized the importance of creating value in the products and services they offer to the customers, all in the common objective to deliver commercial goods efficiently in order to keep the current customer-base satisfied. Aside from inculcating loyalty among the members of the clients and customers of business organization, companies are likewise aware of the need to widen and extend the reach of the company’s products and services to new markets in order to increase its share on clients and customers. Strategies, plans and techniques in the areas of operations, communication and marketing, sales, supply chain, logistics, research and development, performance measurements as well as social and corporate obligations and responsibility are continuously improved all for the benefit of the target market. Once companies become successful in these organizational and managerial areas, sustained economic development is envisioned. This literature review aims to present a critique of existing, published literatures that analyze the relationship between marketing strategies and the firm’s performance. Historically, marketing strategy formulation is viewed as an antecedent to performance outcomes (Lages 2000). It is the modus operandi that allows an organization to concentrate
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