Executive Officer Of Tritel Customer Services Essay

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As executives or business owners, women tend to run their businesses differently than men. Almost every sixty seconds a women is starting her own business. As of today there are over nine million women that own their own business nationwide. Women own half of the businesses in the United States of America out of those 9 million women my mother; Lakesha Miller has owned multiple businesses. I interviewed my mother on November 19, 2016 at Olive Garden in Huntsville, Alabama. She is currently the chief executive officer of Tritel Customer Services and Answering Source. She is one of the outstanding women who have started, built, inherited, partnered, or have entered business ownership. To obtain a degree in business you must attend schooling at a university or online management courses. This includes classes that are designed to help you develop the professional knowledge and skills of cross functional managers and also improve communication and productivity skills. By having this job you are primarily your own boss. You will choose the hours you want to work and how you want your business to be run. Being a business manager has many tasks such as: managing business finances and accounting, creating an integrated marketing sales plan, emergency preparedness, human resources, and insurance on your business. Being a good business manager requires you to be a good leader, making business decisions, and managing employees. Lakesha Miller was born and raised in

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