Exemplification Essay: The Trump Court Scandal

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In 2004 Michael Sexton, a education entrepreneur, proposed licensing Trump’s name for online real estate courses. Trump embraced the idea, in fact he was so pleased with the idea that he announced he was going to own the company rather than just licensing his name. He named it the Trump University. According to official sources “Trump University was billed as an online course with distinguished professors and expert real estate investors teaching people how to become rich like Donald Trump." It also promised access to special database of lenders. It was hyped to be beter than most of the prestigious universities which could not be more further from the truth. In fact there was no “university”, at least not in the commonly understood sense of the word and beginning in 2005, New York State Education Department officials told the company to change its name because they deemed it misleading. …show more content…

The faculty consisted of commissioned sales people who had basically close to zero experience in real estate business. It was yet another fraud, a scam which targeted desperate and gullible people who dreamt of being rich without much effort. Tump had expertly accumulated over 40 million dollars from these wannbe rich people. The special database containing contact details of famous lenders was also fake, the list was easily available on the web for

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