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The Nursing Metaparadigm Concepts Presented to Dr. Peck GNRS 5373 By Fatema Bandookwala, Irene Cotten, Amanda Garcia, Elizabeth Mbutu-Lomeli, Hawa Samson-Metzger, Alexandria Thomas On September 25, 2013 The University of Texas Medical Branch School Of Nursing THE NURSING METAPARADIGM CONCEPTS The nursing metaparadigm concepts described by Fawcett (as cited in McEwen & Willis, 2011), are a primary phenomena of interest to a discipline, which identifies globally by ways in which, nursing can deal with those phenomena in a distinctive and applicable manner. The functional aspects of the meta-paradigm according to Kim (as cited in McEwen & Willis, 2011), involve a combination of intellectual and…show more content…
If a person with a disability can function day-to-day naturally and has adapted, that person is considered healthy. As advance practice nurses, the definition of health will continue to vary from patient to patient, but will still be a person’s most optimal level of functionality related to his or her surroundings. The term environment, as it relates to the metaparadigm perspective, is a multilayered view that can explain the understanding of an individual’s perspective (McEwen & Willis, 2011). More specifically, some may believe the environment related to the nursing profession encompasses any setting in which a therapeutic interaction can occur; that is, a hospital, clinic, nursing home, school, corporation, or home (Tourville & Ingalls, 2003). According to McEwen and Willis (2011), however, this perceived way of identifying the environment only limits its domain by making it fixed, uncompromising, and natural. Although the specific setting in which care disperses is vital to understand the nursing discipline, it is not the only factor influencing the phenomena. Internal and external circumstances are a part of one’s environment, and both play a vital role in identifying and altering one’s perspective and philosophy related to the nursing discipline (McEwen & Willis, 2011). Individuals, such as family members, significant others, and lifelong friends that one interacts with also influence
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