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Many times when people think of exercise it is thought of in an incredibly broad sense. There is no second thought given to whether the workouts are high or low pace, to what the level of exertion is, or the fluctuation of oxygen levels. With this being said, there are others that think of exercise in a more detailed way that live and breathe it, and are educated in the way the details of exercise works. This detailed broken down way of thinking breaks down breathing, heart rate, recovery, and many other details. When breathing and oxygen are thought of, these types of exercise are classified into aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise – meaning with oxygen, is an exercise that raises the body’s need for oxygen causing a higher…show more content…
When breathing during aerobic exercise the body releases carbon dioxide. As a result, during this type of exercise the body is able to expel the carbon dioxide and breathe in oxygen, resulting in the body not building up lactic acid in the muscles. Aerobic exercise has been shown (not proven) to be influential in extending life. However, this is contingent on how much exercise is done and for how long each day (Bushell, 2009). Aerobic exercise is easier to do anywhere. There are many different exercises that are able to be done at home and outside without the use of equipment, it is more convenient and allows for a better workout when there is not a requirement to go somewhere for a workout. Anaerobic exercise is defined as “without oxygen” (Merrium-Webster, 2015). This type of exercise is only tolerable by the body for a few minutes at a time and can take up to four minutes to recover. When exercising anaerobically the body is overexerting and using all of its energy at once. This causes a slower recovery and a longer healing time. The body is able to produce anaerobic exercise in bursts, but the energy consumed is more than the body is able to allow (Gastin, 2001). This is due to the intense nature of the workout causing these types of workouts to be shorter in total duration. When participating in anaerobic exercise lactic acid builds
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