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Contents Aim: 2 Hypothesis: 2 Risk assessment: 2 Variables: 2 Method: 3 Results Table 4 Analysis 4 Graph 5 Evaluation 6 Improvements 6

The effect of exercise on the heart rate and breathing rate
Aim: Finding out how exercise affects the heart rate and breathing rate.
Hypothesis: Exercise exists in different forms and has many benefits; it improves the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, development of bones, strengthens muscles and the lungs capacity plus it can make you feel good. There are different exercises and intensities for different benefits. Lower intensity exercises are not designed to work the body as hard. As a result less oxygen is needed and less waste is in excess. However even low
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At the end of the three minutes record the heart rate and breathing rates 10. Work out the averages of all the results 11. Plot results in a suitable table

Results Table
Heart Rate Rest | Slow 20 | Fast 20 | 3 minute rest | 76 | 107 | 130 | 72 |

Breathing Rate Rest | Slow 20 | Fast 20 | 3 minute rest | 18 | 23 | 33 | 20 |

As the intensity of exercise increased, so did the rates of the heart and breathing. After a small period of rest, the heart rate and breathing rate both decreased to a point close to their resting rate. This proved the stated hypothesis. First, the hearts average resting rate was recorded to be 76 bpm. The heart is therefore transporting oxygen and removing carbon dioxide at a reasonably steady rate via the blood. During the low intensity exercise (Slow 20) the heart rate increases to 107 bpm, which further increases to 130bpm at a higher intensity level (Fast 20). The heart therefore needs to beat faster to increase the speed at which oxygen is carried to the cells and the rate at which carbon dioxide is taken away by the blood.
Oxygen is required by the cells to carry out respiration, this provides the energy in the form of adenosine-triphosphate (ATP) which is a molecule required for muscular contraction. As exercise takes place, oxygen is used
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