Existential Therapy Research Paper

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Existential Therapy
Existential therapy is a way of an attitude or thinking about psychotherapy that a particular style of practicing psychotherapy. This approach can be best described as a philosophical approach that influences a counselor's therapeutic practice. Existential approach focuses on exploring themes such as morality, meaning, freedom, responsibility, anxiety, and aloneness as all of these relate to a person's current struggle. The goal of this therapy is to assist clients in their exploration of the existential givens of live and how addressing these goals can lead to a deeper, more reflective existence. Clients are invited to reflect on life, to recognize their range of alternatives, and to decide among them. This therapy is …show more content…

Therapists can borrow techniques from other approaches and incorporate them in an existential framework. The therapist's main tasks are to accurately grasp clients' being in the real world and to establish a personal and authentic encounter with them. The immediacy of the client-therapist relationship and the authenticity of the here and now encounter are both stressed. Both the client and therapist can be changed by the encounter. Diagnosis, testing, and external measurements are not that important in this approach, unlike the client-therapist relationship. Issues addressed are freedom and responsibility, isolation and relationships, meaning and meaningless, and living and …show more content…

It assumes that the client growth occurs through a genuine encounter. The therapist's techniques do not make a therapeutic relationship; it is the quality of the client-therapist relationship that heals the client. Therapists must reach a sufficient depth and openness in their lives to allow them venture into the client's world without losing their own sense of identity. Presence is both a condition and a goal for therapy. Because this approach of therapy focuses on the basic conditions of being a human, practitioners are not be specific techniques. Therapy interventions are guided by a philosophical framework about what it means to be

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