Expectations Of Employment Contract

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This Employment Agreement outlines the terms and conditions under which both parties undertake to be bound. It is the goal of the Firm to establish clear and accurate expectations in preparation for the new employee, it is the hope of the Partners to prepare a document allowing the Paralegal to function to the best of their abilities as well as in good faith to the Firm in addition to clients. For the sake of this document, Clarke, Fernandes, Mongrain & Morgan, will be referred to as the “Firm” and henceforth the new employee shall be referred to as the “Paralegal”. The following agreement is undertaken by Clarke, Fernandes, Mongrain & Morgan and ___________________ beginning, this day, October 12th, 2017. 1. Expectations of Employment. …show more content…

1.6 The Paralegal is also governed by the Paralegal Rules of Conduct as set out by the Law Society of Upper Canada. These rules must be followed at all times, without exception. 2. Probationary and Supervision Period. 2.1 The employee will be subject to a three (3) month probation period upon accepting the terms and signing the present agreement. During the probation period, the Firm may at any time terminate the employment if the contract is breached or the duties as set out above are not being fulfilled by the Paralegal. 2.2 Furthermore, for the initial six (6) months of employment, the Partners shall directly supervise and oversee the caseload of the Paralegal. Therefore, all work completed must be reviewed by at least one of the Partners. Also, work completed must conform to the Firm’s standards as discussed with the Paralegal during the initial probation period. 3. Salary and Work Hours. 3.1 As a new employee within the Firm the starting salary will be for sixty thousand dollars ($60,000) annually. The aforementioned salary is intended for fifty two (52) work weeks of thirty two (32) to forty (40) hours, the Firm reserves the right to forgo paying overtime due to flexible and alternating workloads from week to week. However, the Paralegal is expected to work a minimum of thirty two (32) hours a week. Although the Paralegal

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