Explain How The 2000 Olympics Influence The Australian Way Of Life

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The Summer Olympic Games in 2000 was held in Sydney. It was an opportunity for Australia to prove to the world they were able to host a major international competition which left a positive impression of Australia. The Impact on Australia was beneficial to the country in a cultural, social, architectural and tourism perspective. From these games there were many unforgettable Australian sporting achievements. This presentation will give an account of the way the 2000 Olympics influenced the Australian way of life.


When Australia won the bid for the Olympics, the total estimated cost for Sydney to host the Games was $3 billion. …show more content…

Despite the initial struggle to meet the budget, the positive outcome following the Olympics was a $6.5 billion surplus between 1994 to 2006 (Haynes).


Five key political uses of sport at the Olympics:
1. Use sport as an opioid to motivate the country to get behind all sporting representatives to achieve success as a Nation.
2. A tool for nationalism where by all athletes proudly represent Australia
3. A vehicle for social change, where homeless and low socioeconomic issues and unemployment are attentioned.
4. A vehicle for propaganda where sports is used to campaign for Governments
5. A promotional tool for politics by gaining a high reputation of staging an extravagant sporting event. (Sport and Society, n.d)

The Australian Government will stand before the media and boast to the world that we are a highly successful sporting country. However, the athletes and their families endured hardship, with little financial Government support . Many athletes had to travel overseas to gain qualification and international experience at their own expense. It is also noted that different sports are valued at different rates. For example Swimming attracts more Government support than Athletics. This is mainly due to the fact that the swimmers bring home the medals where as only few athletes …show more content…

Apart from sports, Australia was able to showcase their tourist attractions, Indigenous culture, Music, Arts and film and television. The opening ceremony featured a tribute to the Australian Stock Horse. A lone rider cracking his whip entered the stadium followed by 120 riders as “The Man from Snowy River” was played. The ceremony also featured artists showcasing Australia’s outback, wildlife, Indigenous culture, European settlement, marching bands, and a look into Australia’s future with tap dancing and cherry pickers symbolizing Australians working in a modern world. The lighting of the flame is always spectacular and on this occasion Cathy Freeman stood in a circular pool of water and ignited the cauldron that was at her feet to produce a ring of

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