Explain I Believe In My Mom

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I believe in my mom. After all I have been through she thought me to always move forward with my head held high. Since the day I was born to this very day she has always stayed by my side she went from teaching me how to take my first steps into the world to teaching me how to be able to grow into a successful grown man. I need to get my act together and bring my grades back to A's again as I am my moms American Dream.

As I am progressing this step on becoming a man I am thankful for my mom. Through out every step of the way she has been able to answer my questions about life in general. I look up to my mom as she is a strong woman that has been through a lot in her life. My mom came from Mexico leaving her family and everything she owned.
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I would ask if she was alright and of course she said yeah with a smile but as I saw it their was something about the smile that told me she was exhausted, hurt, but yet she wouldn't say she was. Don't get me wrong she would say her arms hurt, her legs, her being sick after all she is human. But the thing that caught my attention about my mom was that she never once said she was going to miss work because she was tired, she never once said she was not going to prepare us lunch because she was worn out, she also never said she was to tired to help us with our homework and never did I hear her nagging about waking up at 4:30am to go to work and come back at 2:30pm.

Now in High School I have realized my mom has spent most of her life sacrificing her energy to a job that isn't worth a single penny of her energy. So my sisters and my self could have a better life and a brighter future. So we could keep moving forward and accomplish great things. My mom is not only the person who helps me out in life she's my motivation to waking up and going to school, doing my homework and the correct choices in life. Now I understand when people say not all heroes wear capes as my hero wears a hard hat and a long heavy
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