Explain The List Of Scales And Sub-Scales In The Ccsm

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Items, Scales and Sub-Scales in the CCSM
There are a total of 34 question blocks on the Community College Success Measure (CCSM). These blocks include individual items as well as scales and sub-scales. The following is a list of scales and sub-scales collected in the CCSM.
NON-COGNITIVE DOMAIN Intrapersonal: Focus/Action Control (†)
Intrapersonal: Self-Efficacy (†) Intrapersonal: Degree Utility (†) Intrapersonal: Locus of Control (†) Intrapersonal: Intrinsic Interest (†) Masculinity: Breadwinner Orientation (†) Masculinity: Help-Seeking (†) Masculinity: Gender Neutral Domain (†) Racial/Affinity (Positive Regard) (†)
Sense of Belonging: From Faculty (†)
Personal Relationships: With Faculty (†) Perceptions of Care - Student

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