Explain The Policies And Procedures For Safeguarding Children

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Policies and procedures for safeguarding children and young people are - Reporting and recording in schools. At Grove primary school, we have a qualified first aider in all settings although most of the staff in nursery and reception are also first aid trained. All the first aiders are listed on a notice on the doors of the rooms and near the first aid equipment located in the room for everyone to see should they require help. If a child or young person has an accident at the setting and requires first aid, then the relevant qualified person will use the settings first aid kit which is easily accessible and regularly checked and kept up to date and stocked making sure there is always available equipment to be used. When an accident …show more content…

Confidential information for children and young people must only be used for the purpose for which it was gathered, if this needs to be passed on to any other professionals for any reason it will usually require the consent of the parent or guardian. The only way you can disclose information to anyone without consent from the parent or guardian is if there is a risk of an adult or child being at harm or to prevent or detect a crime being committed or if it needs sharing with legal professions such as court, the police and children’s services (social services). The information must only be used for what it is gathered for and all schools should have a confidentiality policy that all schools comply by and everyone understands and has read through. Data protection always needs to be accurate and kept up to date, you shouldn’t keep the information for any longer than necessary and you should only collect data with the purpose of what it will be used for. The files always need to be kept safe and secure so they are kept confidential and not easily located by anyone without authorisation. Pupils and parents/carers have a right to see their personal information unless the disclosure would be likely to damage the receiver or if it contains actual or

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