Explain What Is Meant by Employee Voice and the Main Motivation for Establishing Mechanisms for Voice in the Work Place.

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Question 6: EXPLAIN WHAT IS MEANT BY EMPLOYEE VOICE AND THE MAIN MOTIVATION FOR ESTABLISHING MECHANISMS FOR VOICE IN THE WORK PLACE. MA Human Resource Management Introduction “Collective voice achieves what a lone voice could never do”. Collective representation is also the foundation of a partnership relationship between employers, employees and unions that bring positive benefits for the business (Prosser, 2001). Throughout the twentieth century collective bargaining was the most significant means of regularity relationships in UK between employers and employees via trade union. In continental Europe there is more emphasis on…show more content…
collective bargaining and grievance procedures). The framework for employee voice has been modelled by Marchinglon et al (2000) Voices can be divided into two different parts: a) Individual- which is purely based on employees. Collective- which is based on unions or any forms of groups. b) Shared and Contested Agenda- which covers four ideal types which are upward problem solving, grievance process, partnerships and collective bargaining. Organizations can see one of these dimensions, whereas organization can have more than two dimensions at the same time. This frame work of voice is more on the broader perspective and systematic. Factors Affecting Employee Choice Research carried out by Marchington et al (1992) identified a number of factors that Influenced employers to implement employee involvement or voice initiatives: • Information and Education-desire to educate the employees more about the aspect of the business and understand the management practices. • Secure enhanced employee contributions-seeking employees idea and implementing them improving the performance. • Handling conflicts and promoting stability- providing safety for employees view. • Mechanism for channelling employee anxieties and misgivings without their resorting to the disputes procedure and industrial action. Mechanisms of Employee Voice Employee voice mechanisms can be divided into three categories: a) Upward Problem Solving- refers to an technique in which managers use to

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