Exploring Piracy within Systems Essay

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Executive Summary:

In this research document, we explore piracy within systems. As informatics students we find that it is essential to understand all aspects of systems and the role they play in aiding the transfer of illegal, copywrite, intellectual property of others.

With extensive research into file sharing, we have discovered that that peer-to-peer file exchange is one of the most common enabler of the exchange of illegal data. Peer-to peer file exchange occur both physically through the use of USB drives and CD’s as well as over the internet, through the use of e-mails, shared files and torrents.

We then took a look at existing piracy threats focusing mainly on torrents and laws implemented to help discontinue notorious piracy …show more content…

Piracy as a System
Thanks to technological advancements file sharing over the Internet has become a very popular and easy thing amongst Internet users. Different system protocols, such as BitTorrent enable quick, easy and secure file sharing of large files. Abuse of these revolutionary systems result in the illegal sharing of music, books, movies and software.
Problem Statement
Problem Statement:

Torrenting is a useful tool to gain access to large amounts of information. It grants the user an opportunity to download media files with ease and accuracy. Due to its simplistic user interface, the general public makes use of this software, which in return causes a problem for media and production companies. Production companies lose millions of dollars each year due to their copyright information being distributed between peers. Torrenting is both a problem and an opportunity depending on the audience. Peers to other peers can consider Torrenting the distribution of information. This is an act of copyright violation depending on the information being distributed.
Due to the nature of our degree, it is only appropriate to choose a topic that corresponds with our interests and knowledge. As informatics students the technical aspects of torrenting is very interesting as we learn to build systems such as these. Torrenting is an innovative and revolutionary technique to distribute large amounts of information.

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