Effective Project Planning And Control At This Stage Project Management

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Level 3: Managed Stage
At this stage project related datas are collected across the organisation for proper project planning and control. More systematic approach is carried out to plan and control at this stage.
Level 4: Integrated Stage
The gathered information is carefully evaluated and analysed. PM data and processes are integrated. PM steps and regulation are used throughout the organization with all projects, which help to handle multiple project control and success in a professional manner.
Level 5: Sustained Stage
At this stage, the organization continuously improves it processes by analyzing the project data on a progressive basis. Innovative ideas are appreciated to promote the PM procedures and practices.

It can be actualized to any numerous association like construction, data information, fabricating, manufacturing etc..
It helps to locate and compare the organisation Project management with the other organisation
Unlike other models, it’s not specific to some particular industries and open to all industries.
(PM)2 model formulated to calculate the rate of investment of project management.

(PM)2 model could further be developed since they need more information about each maturity level.
They lack information on what corrective measures they are taking to control the process
Further research is going on to understand more about the PM maturity , process areas and knowledge areas

V-Model (Lifecycle Process Model):
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