Extraordinary Punishment Research Paper

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So my goal here is going to be explaining extraordinary rendition from my understanding after researching it. I want to explain why it is being used and who is for or against it. Lastly I will talk about who uses it how long and even the style. This will all come from resources, which are the actual definitions and applications of the law. I will be using excerpts from legal documents, quotes of actual detainees and of course lists that defined the practical usage within the law.
So first off what is extraordinary rendition? Well simply put it is the practice of sending a foreign criminal or someone deemed a terrorists to a black site for interrogation. The Black site definition is literally a secret jail where someone could be held by military
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Was on vacation headed back home to Canada, However having been placed on a watch list he was apprehended In John F Kennedy airport, in New York while on layover. He was grabbed by plain clothes civilians who he later recalled as calling themselves a special removal team on the flight to his eventual prison by a private jet. He recalled many events and stops along the way. To the New York Reporter who wrote his story. They finally dropped him in Syria. He was now at a black site because torture was not condoned by the United Nations and we certainly could not do it here in America on our soil. This is interesting because coinciding with his capture President Bush, in an interview with the Times, assured the world that “torture is never acceptable, nor do we hand over people to countries that do…show more content…
In Egypt this started back during the Clinton presidency. He would outsource our enemies there for information, they would be tortured for any information they could get out of them by any means, Especially CIA suspects who needed special attention. I found a source of a Man Named Abu Omar, who had such an experience in Egypt. He was captured In Milan where he had been granted asylum from political crimes He had committed. This is why he had radical ties to Islamic extremists. He had been tortured once before in Egypt for a year, it stated in the
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