Extreme Parenting Research Paper

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Extreme Parenting
Many children who are not allowed to attend sleep overs or have a playdate are often seeing things the wrong way. Children that must constantly practice their drums or instruments, do homework, and are not allowed to have any type of free time as they please themselves. In this research paper it shows how extreme parenting is solved, what extreme parenting is and if extreme parenting effects relationship between child and parent.
Extreme parenting is considered effective but not in several ways. Many parents do the most to try and “help” their children to succeed in life. But have you ever thought about what may your child want for themselves? Parents before their kids into participating into sports or certain activities.
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It’s either to ugly, not enough for them or they wanted something better then what they got. Children who are reading this please take notice that you won’t ever have parents like the ones at you do now, don’t take them for granted for what they do for you. Most children will probably and mainly chose television over reading or doing sports and going outside to play, but as said, “The key is that you’ve got to trust your kids to… find their own interests in things. Let them find their own happiness.” Wouldn’t you love seeing your kids with the biggest grins on their faces over a bird coming down from a tree just to eat their sweets? Because I sure do know many parents will. Don’t let others judge how you do parenting because not everyone is perfect and not everyone does the same parenting style, they are all different just as you are in your own way. Different families have their own way of parenting and have disparate parenting styles. Whether it is “conscious attachment” method, in which means the adults don’t let the children out. They don’t not let their kids out of their reach basically, doesn’t let them do what they want because a punishment comes along to
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