Extreme Weather And Heat Waves

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The first article or website that I explored was titled Extreme weather. It begins by stating that as the world has warmed, it has triggered several other things in the earth’s climate to be altered. It then goes further into depth specifically naming the factors that have been changing due to the altering of the climate. These factors include: heat waves, droughts, heavy downpours, floods, and lastly, hurricanes (Extreme Weather, 2014).

Heat Waves In this section, a heat wave is referred to as “abnormally hot weather lasting days to weeks”. It further goes on to say that the recent number of heat waves have been steadily increasing with numbers almost “triple the long-term average” (Extreme Weather, 2014). In this section it is claimed that the droughts in Texas in the year 2011, and in the Midwest in the year of 2012, that records were set for the highest monthly average temperatures to date (Extreme Weather, 2014).
A picture of a map is provided of the coast-to-coast 100 degree days in 2011, in conclusion, it is observable that heat waves are on a steady increase.

Droughts A drought is described as an event that happens due to a rise in temperatures that leads to an increased rate of evaporation, this even includes the loss of moisture through plant leaves (Extreme Weather, 2014). This section on droughts states that as the soil dries out due to the increase in heat, that it results in hotter soil and “adjacent air rather than evaporating its moisture” and that this

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