Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close By Jonathan Safran Foer

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2,823 dead, 19,500 body parts collected, 1,300 orphans, and 131 still classified as missing. Eleven trillion dollars will never be able to repair the minds of the 422,000 New York citizens who now suffer from PTSD, yet nine year old Oskar Schell finds himself battling in the midst of it all. When the world came crashing down on September eleventh at 8:45am, school children were shuffled down the streets of New York and back to what could only be considered the comfort of their homes. Oskar Schell unlocked his apartment door only to be greeted by the messages on the answering machine from no other than his father, Thomas Schell. When the phone rings and the caller id is his father, Oskar’s world turns upside down with the simple dial tone. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer tells the compelling story of a boy named Oskar and his mission to find the Black that has the lock that fits the key. Desperately trying to piece together the fragments his deceased father left behind after 9/11 tragically took his life, Oskar delves into a pool of mental instability, locks and keys, and the mysterious renter that lives with his grandmother. Scientifically, there are five steps to grieving. Mentally, there are thousands. 1. The hardest part of losing a loved one is having to bury them and see their body in a casket word this better, cold and unmoving, but for Oskar he didn 't have that word it better , they never found a body. His father had fallen under the 131

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