Under The Dome By Stephen King

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“Under The Dome”, written by Stephen King, is a sad story telling the events of a town’s disaster. This book is a fictional novel. This story takes place in a town called Chester’s Mill, Maine. This all begins on October 21st. October is the month of destruction. Lieutenant Dale Barbara, also known as Barbie, is one of the most important characters in this story. He was a short order cook at Sweetbriar Rose. He is a strong male character that is 30 years old. He is muscular, with dark brown hair. Barbie in the story is later turned into a colonel under the president’s orders, and is one of the people who helps get rid of the dome. James Rennie, also known as Big Jim Rennie, is another male character that is very important. He is the…show more content…
Reverend Lester Coggins is the pastor at Christ the Holy Redeemer Church. Reverend Piper Libby is the pastor at the First Congregational Church. Ron Haskell is the Doctor at the Hospital. Rusty Everett is the Physician’s Assistant. Ginny Tomlinson and Dougie Twitchell are Nurses. Gina Buffalino and Harriet Bigelow are Volunteer Nurses. The town kids are Little Walter Bushey, “Scarecrow” Joe McClatchey, Norrie Calvert, Benny Drake, Judy and Janelle Everett, and Ollie and Rory Dinsmore. Tommy and Willow Anderson are the owners/ operators of Dipper’s Roadhouse. Stewart and Fernald Bowie are the owners/ operators of Bowie Funeral Home. Joe Boxer is a dentist. Romeo Burpee is the owner/ operator of Burpee’s Department Store. Phil “Chef” and Samantha Bushey are the parents of Little Walter Bushey. Jack Cale and Ernie Calvert are the Supermarket managers. Johnny Carver is the Convenience Store operator. Alden Dinsmore is the dairy farmer. Roger Killian is the chicken farmer. Lissa Jamieson is the town’s librarian. Claire McClatchey is the mother of Joe McClatchey. Alva Drake is the Mother of Benny Drake. Stubby Norman is an antique dealer. Brenda Perkins is Chief Perkin’s wife. Tony Guay is a sports reporter for the Democrat. Pete Freeman is a news photographer for the Democrat. “Sloppy” Sam Verdreaux is the town’s drunk. The out of towners are Alice and Aidan Appleton the town’s dome orphans, Thurston Marshall the man with literary and medical skills, and Carolyn Surges who
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