F. Scott Fitzgerald and Donal Glover Novels

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The novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and the screenplay Because the Internet by Donald Glover have similar story lines. Both stories focus on the lives of two young men ("The Boy" and Jay Gatsby) who are somewhat confused and are missing something in there lives. There are quite a few factors that connect these two stories. The way both of their deaths are played out is comparable. Their social statuses and the people who accompany them are very much the same. There are also many symbolic items throughout the readings that have a sort of connection. The Great Gatsby and Because the Internet are stories that follow a similar story line and the main characters in both stories are comparable.
The deaths of the boy and Jay Gatsby are very much the same. In Because the Internet the boy becomes involved with drug dealing. He is caught by the cops and as he is waiting to be sent to jail he envisions himself lying dead in a pool with few people caring or attending his funeral; as he has this daydream another criminal aiming for a police officer shoots the boy and he dies. In The Great Gatsby, while driving home from a trip to the city, Jay Gatsby accidentally runs over a women. The next day, he decides to use his pool, while he is lying in the pool the women's husband retaliates by shooting him. The men are both shot and killed in similar ways. The boy and Gatsby are both well liked for their money and status rather than who they are. The boy is famous for his blog
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