FFA Assignment 2

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1.) Define Leadership Leadership can be hard to define and it means different things to different people. To me it means being able to create an inspiring vision of the future and help people achieve that vision. It also means being able to help people acquire that vision either directly or indirectly and help them grow. 2.) Why should you be chosen as a participant for this conference? I would like to be able to attend this conference because in my four years of high school I would like to be able to obtain my State FFA Degree. I feel like this conference has a lot to offer from new experiences to new leadership skills. I attended the Greenhand Conference and I learned new team work skills and I hope this conference can teach me some new skills that will help me in life. 3.)…show more content…
I have attended the FFA welcome back barbecue at the beginning of the year. I worked and rode on the FFA float for the homecoming parade. I have also sold tickets to the pulled pork barbecue and the annual big breakfast. I worked two shifts at the ice cream booth at the harvest festival and participated in the apple/orange picking for Christmas baskets. I was also at the Greenhand and Chapter degree
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