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FILIPINOS IN MACAU INTRODUCTION In the past few years, Macau has become an international destination. The liberation of gaming license had bought about large foreign investments and facilities infrastructure. Macau, a sparkling metropolis at night, is home to thousands of overseas Filipino workers . One of its eye-catching characteristics is certainly its large Filipino community. Filipinos represent the second largest group of non-resident workers in Macau after mainland Chinese. It also becomes abundantly clear that these people are mostly found working in lower paid jobs. Maybe because the most compelling advantages the Philippines has over any Asian country, is the fact that Filipinos are competent and highly-educated. However, more…show more content…
Recruiting agencies for labour export were privatized, making it a cornerstone of the Philippine national development strategy.The Internet has many web pages advertising agencies that provide domestic helpers to Macau citizens. Some families may employ more than one person for the cleaning and taking care of children, but very often, the same person under the name of domestic helper handles both jobs. Some of the disadvantages the workers are subject to, including the “six-month waiting period” must be given attention. Domestic helpers don’t have much bargaining power. Employers can fire them all in a sudden just because they don’t like them. The workers can’t voice out but have to tolerate, as they don’t want to go back for six months and then come back. If the women still decide to come to Macau, scarifying their family life and are quite satisfied in spite of their little income it can only mean that their conditions in the Philippines are much worse. The difficulties a domestic worker experiences affect her mental health. This finding is not new and it can be explained for obvious reasons such as stressors leading to increased levels of anxiety, depression, trauma and bodily symptoms that have no physical cause. However, the main results of the research are stimulating and unforeseen. (
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