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Introduction Generally, financial services refer to services provided by the finance industry either public or private finance industry. Financial services defined as services that related to facilities such as saving accounts, checking accounts, leasing, loans and money transfer provided by banks, credit unions and finance companies.1 Flower of service is a visual framework for understanding the supplementary service elements that surround and add value to the core product. Flower of service is introduced by Christopher Lovelock that distinguishes between facilitating and enhancing supplementary services. These different supplementary services can be classified into eight petals. The core service is the reason why service provider exists…show more content…
This facilitate the people especially students who are not aware and not capable to read about the news established in the websites. However, not all information is helpful. There are several quality required for a good information which include relevant, up- to-date, accurate, meet the need of the user, easy to use and understand, worth of cost and lastly, reliable. Information should be timely and free from errors. It also should be clearly presented, worthwhile and most importantly comes from authoritative sources.5 Based on our observation, MARA has practices these qualities when they always ensure that information provided is worth able for the people. MARA also ensures their website is applicable to the customers 24 hours a day and always updated current information and any latest news. ORDER TAKING In a flower of service concept, Order taking is categorize under facilitating service. We already knew that Facilitating service means a service required for service delivery. This should be clear that order taking is the crucial service delivery or we can say that it helps in the use of the core product. Order taking generally is defines as an activity which a person take order or request something from another person. There are generally 3 elements of order taking. The 3 elements are: - applications, order entry and reservation and check-in. the first element is applications. Application element here means what kind of order taking

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