Facebook And Its Effect On Our Lives

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“Connect with friends and the world around you on Facebook” (Facebook,) is a slogan in the homepage of Facebook website that I will see at least one time per day when I open my Facebook. So, I think a lot of people out there, who is a Facebook’s user, will agree with me. According to the article “Almost as many people use Facebook as live in the entire country of China,” writes by Caitlin Dewey, more than 1.35 billion Facebook’s users in the world today, and it is nearly equal the China’s population and larger more than India nine percent (Dewey.) Therefore, Facebook is very popular, and it looks like a part of many people lives today. Facebook is very important to our lives because it contributes to create a new easy way to connect people together, and increase the economy of a country. Through Facebook, people can communicate with friends or the families members who far away from them. Also, Facebook helps the businesses in a variety of ways, such as commercials, advertisements, or customers service for free. So, the companies’ employees just need to spend their time and their energy to post their products into Facebook; therefore, it contributes to lower the companies’ marketing cost to a significant level. Although Facebook or others social media is very useful and important for our life, it also creates a lot of negative effects for the users, such as Facebook contribute to ruin the users real life and distance the relationship of them to the others. Facebook creates
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